The Apple AirPods

The Apple AirPods, which iPhone users are particularly fond of, offer a very free use within the ecosystem. The first version of the series Apple AirPods 3 began to come to the first information.The AirPods range of full wireless headphones satisfies users with its simple design and ecosystem compatibility. According to new rumors, the company will not wait too long for the new product of the series. Claims that the company has developed a new sports-oriented and water-resistant wireless headset.While the features of the new model are not exactly known, there are some unknowns for the name. The model, which is said to be called Apple AirPods Pro by some people, is expected to be sold under the name Apple AirPods 3 as the predominant opinion. In terms of implementing the design and feature changes mentioned above, the new AirPods may come with small or drastic design changes. However, all these features and changes will return as an increase in cost and price.What do you think about AirPods? Are you having trouble doing sports with these models? If a sports-oriented model emerges, can you make changes?

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