The first technical information about the Honor

The first technical information about the Honor 9X Pro features began to come. The Honor brand, which was produced and sold under the roof of Huawei, had exceeded the million dam in 2 weeks with the Honor 20 model. In addition, the Honor 8, which was introduced in September 2018, was a great success for the Chinese company, reaching more than 10 million sales.It is not known whether the “same model – different name” strategy, which is one of the marketing policies of the Chinese firm, varies according to the regions. In addition, the company has not yet answered questions like “When will the Honor 9x Pro be released?”Looking back, the Honor 7x was announced in December 2017. The Honor 8 that came after him was announced nine months later. According to this historical ranking, the future of the Honor 9x Pro will be discussed in about 10 months. “Honor 9X Pro features appeared! In our news on ShiftDelete.Net as you Honor 9X Pro features appeard!

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